Movie Books

While out today, I saw that a supermarket had some books on offer which were two for £7, so I decided to get a couple that are now movies and as I offered to get a couple for the wife, she only wanted one book, so I had myself a third.

Movie books

Unknown is the name of the movie, but it does state on the book that it was originally published as Out of My Head and I don’t think that the next Bourne movie is going to be called Objective, that’s if the rumours are true that a fourth one is in production.

I Am Number Four looked rather interesting when reading the back of the book, I hadn’t really bothered to look up anything about the films, so I don’t even know what Unknown is about besides from the description on the back, but that too appeared interesting and so picked it up to have a read of.

I want to get back into reading more books and so these will get me started…