I’ve Won a Samsung Galaxy S

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“Hi, you’re a winner for our Samsung Galaxy S contest with @PocketGamer please email blah.blah[at]gameloft.com w/ confirmation + address :)”

That’s what I got as a Direct Message from @Gameloft_UK today and at first I thought, ‘hmm, what contest was that?’, so went to www.pocketgamer.co.uk, checked the competitions and then realized which one it was… that was when my brain wibbled and I just sat there for at least a minute, staring at the screen in disbelief.

Why disbelief? Well, the phone should be unlocked so that it will work on whichever network I (or the other 3 winners) am on and the fact that the phone costs around £400 was the main reason I just sat here in shock for about a minute. I obviously enter competitions in the hope of winning something, but I rarely do, which is why it was such a nice big surprise to win this one or at least, be one of the winners.

Now I’m gonna be restless until it gets here…


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