Nokia C7

C7The wife had a new phone today, the Nokia C7. She’s not as technically minded as me and so prefers Nokia’s due to being used to the menu and knowing how to navigate around, also, it’s an upgrade from her Nokia 5230 of which the C7 is kind of an updated version of.

I haven’t had a good play with it yet, but from the quick 5 minutes I had while setting it up was quite impressive, but what I’m more impressed with are the specs of the phone. 8GB internal storage, 720p HD video recording (which only works out to about 50 minutes of recording, but still…) and an 8 megapixel camera with flash are a few great features, she already had a 2GB Micro SD card, so that makes a total of 10GB of storage.

There seems a little too much going on with the main screen and they’ve taken a leaf out of the books of iPhone/Android where you can slide across for more widgets and stuff, but the screen is nice and big, nicely responsive to the touch and looks pretty darn sleek too. If you’re looking for one last decent Symbian phone from Nokia before they go all Windows on yo ass, the C7 is definitely worth looking at over the N8 which apparently has issues that need to be fixed.

This isn’t a review, just a small opinion piece 🙂


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