Don’t Sell Twitter, If You Value Your Users

Twitter logo initial
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You may have seen in the last 24 hours or so, apparently the bigwigs of the internet, Google and Facebook are interested in paying $10,000,000,000 (billion) for the popular micro-blogging platform , simple request from a lot of people, please don’t.

What happens when something epically popular is bought? We all know by now that the buyer gets bored after 5 minutes, make changes that mess things up, usage drops and then the gradual decline until it becomes useless and either just dies or gets sold on before it becomes completely devoid of value.

I don’t think it matters which one bought Twitter, Facebook would make unnecessary changes nobody asked for and Google would just harvest information to show in adverts plastered everywhere, and we all know how irrelevant Google’s ads can be. There’s maybe only one good possible thing that might be beneficial, less spam, although, GMail‘s spam filter isn’t quite as effective as it could be due to too much getting through and not being very adaptive. Facebook, on the other hand have adopted some kind of system that weeds out fake profiles which would mean that maybe profiles that aren’t used for X amount of months would get removed and possibly opened up for others to use (something Twitter supposedly already does… not).

Twitter has took a little while to gain so much momentum and has really taken off in the last couple of years or so with more people taking it somewhat a little more seriously in terms of being a viable asset to their social networking tools, but if Twitter really is in talks with potential buyers, please listen to the masses and don’t sell, for the sake of internet humanity.

If Twitter is bought and becomes irrelevant (MySpace, anyone?), it makes way for the next contestant to take over and take the crown, as long as they have the right back up with connecting services. I’ll stick with it for now, but am ready to jump ship if it all goes down.