It’s Cold Time Again

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This week has seen the manflu make a reappearance, not just your common cold, oh no, men don’t suffer from that anymore, we get MANFLU!

Coughs, sniffles, aches and pains are back with a vengeance once again and leaves me too bleh to want to do anything for a long period of time, I mainly just sit there staring at the screen, watching Twitter and idly browsing the net. Even now, I’m sitting on the sofa where it’s a lot more comfortable than in my chair, I can relax more and just do random stuff that doesn’t take a lot of brain power.

I just feel drowsy quite a lot of the time and it does get me down a bit, I’m usually more brighter and ready to do stuff, but not when manflu kicks in and it looks like it’s well and truly here for the duration. Not only am I afflicted with this illness, but I also find out that there will be no more Guitar Hero games which is like, totally bogus and I preferred that over Rock Band.

Anyway, that’s all for this post, now I can just go back to zombifying on the web again. Oh, I’ll be using tumblr for some stuff, mainly pics and please follow on Twitter for all things random from the brain if aceman, thank you!

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