Move Over Instagram, PicPlz Coming Through

Android robot logo.
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I was looking for something like, but for my Android phone and since there isn’t a version of instagram on the Android, I stumbled upon (I didn’t actually stumble it, don’t have Google or Stumble Toolbar installed) PicPlz that DOES have an Android app and does pretty much the same thing.

I only have one pic there at the moment since there doesn’t seem much point to it other than yet another place to post pics, it’s not quite the same as Twitpic or variations of, it seems to be some new kind of blank pic uploading site with no other function other than pic hosting.

It’s great that it caters for both iPhone and Android and more recently allowed you to set a Creative Commons license on your pictures, but other than being able to upload pics with certain filters added to them, what else is PicPlz for? It’s suddenly become big news and I got in pretty early, so maybe it will become the next big ‘start-up’ (kinda hate how ‘social media’ sites keep on about start-ups, annoying word), from what I can tell, it’s already gained more notoriety than instagram, so who knows, let’s see where this ball is rolling…

My PicPlz profile is at if you want to see my one and only pic. There’s a chance I may not use it that often due to the camera on my phone being pretty poor quality.