Teleportation, Where Would I Go?

Orthographic Projection of Japan (green)
Image via Wikipedia takes subjects from and offers them to us bloggers in case we don’t have anything else to post, I had something for today, but forgot what it was, again, I should really start wrinting down what I have an idea about…

One of the things I would like if I was a superhero is the power of invisibility for all the reasons you think a hetero red-blooded male would want it for, but another power would be teleportation, which kind of tie in with each other, but for now, it’s just about teleportation and where I would go first.

It’s not really a tough choice, but a selection of Australia, Japan and obvious US destinations would be high on the list, it’s just a matter of where I would pick first and if I was only allowed to go once. Also, would I be time restricted? Like, I could only stay for a few hours before being automatically returned or could it even be a one-way thing? It could make life a WHOLE lot easier and I don’t just mean in terms of being able to go somewhere in the world to pick up some local produce and bring it back, that then would open up a whole load of other connotations.

As long it was handled properly, it could be a good thing, but there’s just so much illegal activity that would no doubt arise from what would really need to be made only available to people that have gone through a lengthy process of a life examination and one thing that would make it worse, especially for people in the UK is that anything we brought back, we would be susceptible to paying tax.

I know I know, I’m thinking way too much into this, but it’s kind of like the genie and three wishes, the version where, unless you’re microscopically specific with your wishes, there’s always a downside. So, yeah, for logistical possibilities, I’d like to be able to teleport and the first place I’d go would probably be Japan, as long as none of the negative stuff previously mentioned existed!