The Android Market, Hands-On

Android Market
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Haha, yeah I know, I’ve tweeted that it’s lame to post stuff about being ‘hands-on’ with something generally available to 1000’s of people, that’s why I thought I’d be ironic with the title of todays post.

It’s better, the Android Market, in the way that it’s easy to browse and the layout of the pages. It’s different enough not to be compared to the likes of iTunes or the new Mac App thing and the way it shows prices is quite different, then there’s the OTA installation method. Over The Air installation basically means that you can download the app while your phone is connected to the computer and install it that way, of course, you can do it the old fashioned way and search for it on your phone or if you have a QR reader, read the QR code on the page which will take you to the app page on the phone.

It does make things easier by being able to ‘web browse’ the market compared to fiddling about and using up battery power on your phone, especially when using 3G instead of Wi-Fi. Buying apps is obviously also easier or should I say, just as easy due to you logging into the Google account you have connected to the Android Market with and also contains your Google Checkout details since that’s pretty much how you pay for apps, with Google Checkout.

That’s the Android Market in a nutshell, it doesn’t need for me to stick screenshots or video up as a ‘how-to’, I think it’s condescending for people to do that and just treats people like idiots. If you really need someone to hold your hand, see the related articles…