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With the amount of tweets I’ve seen on Twitter today, its like nobody has seen the stuff before or don’t know how to handle life while it’s on the ground.

Many seem to have taken a ‘snow day’, regardless of whether they had to or not and then whined about how deep it was, get over it, it’s snow, is your life so disrupted by such a freak phenomenon? I understand that’s it’s been fairly bad in some places, but I’ve never seen such a fuss over the weather before. It might just be the new people I’ve followed recently that overreact and/or are drama queens over what is pretty much a meh subject.

It might just be that due to living in the UK and suffering all kinds of weather at whatever time of the year, I just couldn’t understand the fuss and bother. I suppose it’s worse than it seems when you see that there are blizzards in certain parts of the US, just learn how to deal with it folks instead of appearing all panicky and distraught 😉

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