Steam Now Does Screenshots

Steam (content delivery)
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It seems that the new Steam beta has a screenshot function which allows you to take snaps of your games, even non-Steam games that you’ve added manually and auto-uploads them when you’ve finished playing, but you’re limited to 1,024 MB.

You may think that 1 GB is enough to contain your collection of BLOPS skillz, but considering even an 800*600 image is around 114 KB, you with the ultra beefy computer and the full HD screens you want to show off will only last for so long before you hit the limit when images of that size can hit 2 MB.

“But I prefer to use Xfire!” So do I, you get 10 GB of space and have the option of uploading videos too, the main drawback of Xfire’s video is that you record GB’s worth of video for it to be squished down to an MP4 a fraction of the original… oh, and you’re left with the original to dispose of as you wish. It would be nice to be able to choose the kind of compression you want to record in, it would lead to WAY less original filesizes and possibly lower sized MP4 files, resulting in less time to upload and minimal bandwidth used.

Since it’s only beta, maybe if it’s a success, which it looks like it works fine at the moment, then maybe the upload space could be increased and some kind of video recording feature added, but since it will all be contained within Steam, it will have to expand on a bit more to rival third party clients.

The beta I use is for PC, if you’re a macfag, can’t help, sorry.