Pointless Spam

no spam!

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I have to laugh at some of the spam comments that I get on here, the latest being about a post not working in Firefox.

Really? I only use Firefox and so I know that any site I have and especially this blog works in Firefox. I know they’re trying to appear as human as possible and there’s a good chance that this post will attract a fair bit of spam, but you’d have to be quite a newbie to not tell whether a comment is spam or not.

One of the key ways of spotting a spam comment is the URL that the ‘poster’ is apparently from, if the URL ends in .info or .org, there’s a good chance it’s spam. Check the name to see if it’s a proper name and not have numbers on the end, for example: 3496, yes, the general rule of a spammers name is that it tends to be female, quite similar to Twitter.

They work by detecting certain keywords and you can get a response in the matter of seconds depending on what you mention in your post/message. Anyway, that’s all for this Post a Day 2011 post, manage 4 whole weeks so far and still more to come…