Simulators R Us

Not sure why, and I’ve wondered for quite some time now, but a PR company keeps sending games and stuff and I can’t even remember contacting them, it’s been so long.

You may have seen such titles as Police Simulator, Farming Simulator 2011, Garden Simulator and Demolition Simulator in shops, online or on places like Steam, yep, I get all those sent as well as strange paraphernalia like chocolate chess sets, die cast toy vehicles and snack stuff like sweets and chocolate bars, the latest being…

Tanker Truck Simulator 2011These are sent fairly often, a card with the cover of the upcoming title and some info on the back, then the actual game/software is sent, sometimes a week before the official release, but I have a confession to make.

I have only ever played one title sent and I only played that to see if it was as similar to FarmVille as I thought it to be and no, it wasn’t, at all… in fact, it was pretty bad with quite nice graphics, the gameplay was kind of there and for about five minutes, it seemed pretty enjoyable. Once that initial enjoyment wore off after five minutes and you started looking at the game for what it was, you soon wished that better talent should have been used to make the game so much better.

That said, the simulators do look like they’re actually rather good with well presented graphics and the gameplay seems to actually match the tasks of what is required for whatever the Real-Life™ activity the simulator is about, so maybe I should take the time to play and review the titles sent this year and I might be surprised to find I’ll like them more than I think.

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