I Have a Suit

Man getting dressed.
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Why is that worthy of being the title of the post? I’ve never had one before, never needed one and usually just wore what I got married in, even the trousers (pants to US people) were the only ones I owned.

As previously mentioned, my Grandad passed away recently and I needed something to go to his funeral in, I couldn’t exactly turn up in my usual clobber of jeans, trainers, t-shirt and whatever, so today, I finally got a suit which is the first and only one I’ve ever had. The jacket and trousers I got married in weren’t technically a suit, more just a jacket and trousers that were separates, but now I have a ‘proper’ matching suit.

I’m not in the habit of wearing trousers, as I said, I only have one pair and the rest are jeans, tracksuit bottoms and an oversize pair of outdoor combat activity type things and it’s kind of the same with shoes. I don’t really have a pair of shoes since I don’t like wearing them, I have boots in the form of Sgt Pepper and Rockport, but not shoes as in loafer style or something.

I have shirts, maybe two white ones and the rest are casual, but I have a nice Jasper Conran shirt that I’ll wear and just need a decent black tie, I tried on the tie earlier today and it’s pretty poor quality, so I’ll need to look around to see about getting a nicer one, maybe even see if I can get a designer one.