Decrease of Coffee Intake

A Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino.
Wish they did these in UK Starbucks

I would normally get through around 5 mugs of coffee each day and I realised that 1. It’s not that good for you and 2. I have to have milk and sugar or at least, just sugar and that’s added fat to my diet of which I try to have minimal consumption of.

I’m starting to think that I may need to start having a couple of coffee’s in order to feel less lethargic, but I’ve been drinking quite a bit of tea in the form of Green Tea, Green Tea with Lemon and Lemon Tea. The weird thing is, I don’t drink normal (black) tea, haven’t done for years, but due to the health benefits of drinking, I’ve taken to such tea’s of which the lemon tea is supposed to help with feeling less lethargic, not sure if it’s helping much.

‘Energy’ drinks don’t do anything. I had one swig of Red Bull some years ago, got the initial buzz and that was it. Besides being too many calories, stimulating drinks don’t stimulate me and I’ve tried a lot of them, from cheap stuff from Tesco/Lidl to the top brands like Red Bull, Relentless and Monster, none of them have any effect other than quenching my thirst and boosting my calorie count.

I suppose once my body gets used to exercising more, hopefully that will give me more energy and I won’t be so ‘meh’ a lot of the time!

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