What I Didn’t Register For #001

It hasn’t happened for a while, but it looks like my email address was used to register for something I’ve never heard of before, again.


‘epicman228’? If that’s the name of the person that registered, why wouldn’t his email address start with epicman… or even have an address with that name?

The reason this is numbered #001 is due to not knowing or can be arsed to count how many other posts I’ve done like this in the past even though it’s not that many, probably less than ten, but still.. this is the first one of 2011 and may not be the last. I’m not sure why my email gets used for things like this, as I’ve said in the previous posts, why use an email address you don’t have access to? Pretty stupid if you ask me, but people do it regardless, meaning that unless it’s some kind of spam, I have access to whatever it is they signed up for and can do whatever I want as long as it doesn’t have secondary security like a secret question or something when I request the password.