It’s Blue Monday Today?

Yo! Sushi containers on the conveyor belt
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I didn’t know or wouldn’t have guessed, I’ve had a rather nice day out today, despite a bit too much walking, but that’s all good since I want to exercise and be more active and it was after lunch of which we ate at a new (ish) YO! Sushi place and got 40% off the bill.

We got the kids pretzels from Ditsch on the way home as well as a couple of other treats and now if anything, I’m just a bit tired which is why I’m posting this now and not leave it, fall asleep for the next 7 hours or so and miss a day.

I’m leaving posting anything on Mental Gamers today too, it was pretty humid in the night and didn’t get much sleep, so I’ve pretty much been up for over 24 hours and am just off to get my head down and rest, with all the walking I@ve done today, I’ll be aching later/in the morning.

Oh, by the way, happy MLK Day to those that support it 🙂

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