The Blu-Ray Revolution

Compact Disc
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I waited… and waited… and waited until I thought it was time to join the next generation of digital video home entertainment, Blu-Ray/blu-ray/bluray/BR/BD, whatever you want to call it and I think now is about the right time to make the change.

Prices are coming down to almost DVD prices and apparently, DVDs are supposedly to be phased out by 2020, speaking of which, CDs are to be phased out by 2015? That’s bullshit (parden my French), I still haven’t made the move of buying all my music digitally yet and to be honest, I would always prefer my music to be on a physical product than to be, essentially, nothing.

Unless you burn the music you buy to disc, what do you have? You’re not going to want to keep that music on your player forever and so what do you do with it? I’m sticking with CDs as long as I can and hope that some other kind of format is released before I have to download it all and have to rely on the stability of websites and hard drives.

There are some movies I want to get to replace old VHS tapes I threw out some time ago, don’t kid yourself folks, those tapes won’t be worth what you think they will in the future, so start moving onto next-gen technology now and if you’re that attached to them, put them away in a dark, cool, dry space somewhere along with a player for nostalgic reasons.

My meagre collection of blu-ray film so far stretch to The Truman Show (had to get that one 😀 ), Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Steelbook Edition, Inception triple play which was a bargain at £9.99 and Paranormal Activity which was a present for the wife, but there are many more that will be added over time as the prices get lower and shops and websites have sales/offers.