It’s Nice To Win Stuff

I had a strange feeling last night and if anyone that reads this knows what I mean, please let me know.. You know when you’re dreaming (don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with Inception) and you feel like you’re really there, like, you’re aware you’re dreaming, but it feels like you’re actually there? It’s kinda hard to describe (one of my foibles is describing stuff coherantly), but you get kind of a lump in your throat, a ‘thick’ feeling as if the windpipe has tightened/swollen slightly.

I then find out today that my Grandad died yesterday. I’m not into anything paranormal in particular or believe too much about whatever people would describe that as, it was just one of those instances that was unexplainable at the time and as strange as my skepticism may be, I think there’s some kind of relation between the two.

Anyway, something that may have cheered me up a little tonight rather than last night was winning a game on Twitter from @telltalegames which just happens to be their latest release on Steam and for Macs, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Season 1


So that will keep me occupied for a while…