Android Apps and Gaming

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I had another topic for today, but when I just tried to remember what it was, it had slipped my mind, so I thought I’d have a little moan and express some delight about Android apps and gaming.

The moan:

Searched for Google Goggles as I’d read that it’s a good app, yet when trying to download it, it was nowhere to be found and so gave up on that.

The PlayStation Official App has been released and guess what… Yeah, couldn’t find that either, but that could just be a case of not being indexed on the Market when I looked or it was just not available at the time.

I wanted to try the free version of Cut the Rope, Rope Cut, but it isn’t on the Android Market and although I managed to download it, I need to find how to install it…

The delight:

I see what all the fuss was about with Game Dev Story, it’s the first thing I’ve bought since having my Samsung I5500, the only gripe I have about the phone is battery power and maybe the camera.

When playing games like GDS and Angry Birds, the battery drains pretty quick and with a game like GDS, you can’t just have a quick 10 minutes… Official apps like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare work very well, even the Amazon Kindle app is better than I thought it would be.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully sort out the moans soon, but I’m enjoying having an Android phone, like I said I would get over iPhone or Blackberry.