Happy Birthday To Me…

I’m not really a celebrator of my birthday and so don’t make a big fuss of it, the main reason I’m doing this post is to keep up with the Post a Day 2011 Challenge.

One of my birthday presents that is so needed due to usually ... on TwitpicI had some presents early such as Everybody’s Golf World Tour for the PlayStation 3, one of the games I said I would get if I ever had a PS3, but I don’t really make a list. I stopped making lists back when I was a kid and maybe got 2 out of the 10 presents I would ask for, I’ve never asked for much and appreciated most of what I did get, so I just stopped bothering and just accepted what was given.

Best birthday prezzie, ever. My favourite @JimCarrey and all-... on TwitpicThe image on the left there shows the PlayStation Move controller which I had for Xmas and came with the PlayStation 3 which was my main Xmas present (works out cheaper to buy a console bundle with Move incuded) and the Navigation Controller I bought from amazon at just £17.99, the present was the charging dock they’re sitting in which is made by the same people that also made the rechargeable battery packs I had bought for my Xbox 360 controllers quite a while ago, Venom.

Despite a few bad reviews on Play.com, the Venom Playstation Move Dual Charging Dock is a nice piece of kit. It seems to work ok for me, although only the Navi Controller needs charging, lights on both controllers flashed which meant it connected to both at the same time, rather than one at a time as others would leave you to believe.

I’ll leave it there and carry on enjoying today as it’s also a Sunday, the holy Sabbath on which I rest and just chill doing next to nothing and will partake in the consumption of alcamohol later… even though I’m drinking some nice Californian white wine at the moment 😉

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