Ted Williams, Modern Day Rags To Riches

I heard about this ‘golden voice’ and glanced at news stories about him, but didn’t get to see the YouTube vid until a couple of days later and I was astounded at the sound of his voice, it’s awesome.

I’ve met a few homeless people in my time so far and have been surprised at just how well-spoken they were, but none as good as Ted Williams who has had a good old fashioned ‘rags to riches’ type of story. The poor guy had dropped to a low point in his life and although he kept his faith, he probably didn’t think that he would have been shone on so brightly by being given such a second chance at life.

I wish the guy all the luck in the world. For someone that has held on after making mistakes that, as he says in the video, he would like to put that part of his life to one side and concentrate building himself back up to a good standard of living, he deserves to use his talent to its best and make the best of what he’s now been blessed with.

I would have posted this before, but left it til now as part of my Post a Day 2011 Challenge and it was too late to post it yesterday as I’d already typed out what I posted :p