So, The Weather, Huh…

Image by John Niedermeyer via Flickr

I think I’d better get today’s post out of the way while I have something in my head to post and it’s basically about the weather, we had some more snow today, but it’s almost gone already.

There you go :p

TV is slowly coming back after the Xmas break and I’d like to say that all those dumbass critics that said Shit My Dad Says wasn’t going to make it, how does it feel to be so wrong? Before it had even had a chance to be shown to anyone, stupid critics who had seen a glimpse of the script were mostly naysayers that I don’t think even wanted to give it a chance and the main pathetic reason was that it was based on a Twitter account.

Viewing figures have proven otherwise and oh yeah, as I had the TV on today (wasn’t really watching it, was on in the background), It’s Me Or The Dog USA came on and Nicole Sullivan who stars in Shit My Dad Says was on it, which was a bit of a surprise. Now I forgot what else it was I was gonna say, kinda lost my train of thought there, never mind, might come back tomorrow…