It’s Not Just Text On a Screen Though, Is It?

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I must be getting old, because I don’t understand the mentality of this ‘it’s only text on a screen’ culture that seems to be taking over.

Is it really just text on a computer screen or have you forgotten that there is a real human being that has put that text there and that since they’re directed at someone, that that someone is also a human being? I don’t understand how some people can be so hateful, just because they’re keyboard warriors sitting at a keyboard, safe and sound in their home/bedroom, would they say the same to that person face to face?

I must also be old fashioned as I believe in respect for people I don’t know and treat everyone as an equal, I don’t go in all cocky and egotistical to make myself look bigger and better than whoever I’m in contact with, is that a bad thing? Whatever happened to the old adage, “Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”? I wouldn’t like to be treated like a retarded idiot, so I don’t treat others as such, but that’s what seems to be going on these days.

Twitter seems to have created a new breed of keyboard warriors where people like to ‘attack’ mainly celebrities by making snide comments or just plain abusing them, I think it’s great that we now have that much more of an insight into the real life of a celeb depending on how much they want to share with the great unwashed, but I just don’t see the point of abusing them. If you don’t like someone, that’s up to you, why go out of your way to throw abuse at them? It just makes you look sad and pathetic with nothing better to do, if I don’t particularly like someone, I don’t follow anything about them. Whether it be TV programs, websites, news or Twitter, I’d rather just leave them alone as I’m sure they would rather not want to know my opinion of them.

Although they may be just ‘words on a screen’, don’t you think they can be hurtful? I do and I’d rather not partake in degraded actions that other people with that mentality seem to be part of.