Better Get Started…

Students of Shaolin Kung Fu school
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I suppose that, now we’re 5 days into the new year, I should get started on my (unwritten) resolutions of which, the main one is to get more active and get trim.

You don’t realise just how out of shape you are until you find yourself out of breath after just climbing a flight of stairs and when playing Kung-Fu LIVE for just 10 minutes nearly killed me. I was looking at getting something like EA Active 2 (on the PlayStation 3) to start a workout program in an effort to get fit, but I’m really gonna have to take it easy if I don’t want to end up ina wooden box after one day.

Talking of gaming, another minor resolution is to try and complete unfinished games, not just to get as many Trophies/Achievements as possible, although that will be a side-quest, I want to finish games that have been sitting around for so long. I still have some unopened which I bought from as early as April/May 2010.

I’m doing a couple of resolutions right now, one is to post as often as I can on and the other is to post at least once per day here on my blog, that’s helped by the Post a Day 2011 Challenge of which I’m taking part in, although, that’s just a coincidence due to me deciding I wanted to post at least once every day this year anyway.

Anyone else on a delayed plan of action and only just starting the new year plan? If so, good luck and hope it works out for you!