Scott Pilgrim vs Macaulay Culkin

As I’ve said about 4 times already today (coincidence that it’s the 4th day of Post a Day 2011), today is an epic day of epic epicness, why?

PilgrimBRMy copy of Scott Pilgrim vs The World Limited Steelbook Edition came today and so I shall be viewing that in 1080p goodness quite soon.

As for Macaulay Culkin, was he really going out with Mila Kunis? Since when? Or were they just good friends?

“Mila Kunis broke up with Macaulay Culkin? Are they really broken up? Maybe Mila just went on vacation & forgot him. Happens to him a lot.”

Had to giggle at that, one of the more interesting things about Twitter is people retweet some classic stuff! 😀