Which bookmarking service?

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Welcome to my first post of 2011 of which I hope to post at least once every day this year. I missed out on the One-a-day event last year due to not hearing about it until about 3 weeks late, so I will be participating in WordPress‘s very own challenge, Post a Day 2011, there’s also Post a Week 2011, but like so many others that had the same idea before WordPress even announced the challenge, I wanted to try and post at least once every day and yes, including weekends.

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For my first post of the year and also the challenge, bookmarks. Yahoo says it isn’t getting rid of Delicious completely, but I’m not taking the risk and have already exported mine and uploaded them to Google Bookmarks of which I already used as a backup for some years anyway. The question is, which bookmark service will you move to if and when Yahoo decides to drop Delicious?

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Magazines like Web User gave Del.icio.us the Gold award for being the best, with Google Bookmarks managing to take Silver, people are already jumping ship and swimming for safety before the plug is officially pulled. I think Google Bookmarks is probably the next best thing and so will use that as my main bookmarking service, I have doubts with Delicious and especially Yahoo since they seem to have a habit of aquiring new toys and then throwing them away when the novelty has worn off.

Oh, and as part of the Post a Day 2011, it seems I have to ask, What are the three most interesting countries or places related to my blog? And why are they important to you? Which, I guess is kinda relevant due to mentioning Del.icio.us, Web User and Google.