New Samsung Galaxy Europa Android Phone

The missus had an HTC Wildfire for a while and I got to have a little play with it, a very nice piece of kit indeed and very impressive. She couldn’t get used to it as it was too complicated and so changed it for another simpler phone while I was still using the Nokia 5230 that she gave me after obtaining the Wildfire, now that I have my own Android phone, I gave back the 5230 and am rather pleased at my new purchase.

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It’s unlocked or ‘Sim Free’ which means I can use any network as long as I have the sim card, the phone was bought as an Orange network phone, but it’s unbranded and so although I’m with Orange, I prefer to use 3 ( Looking around on the internet seems to indicate that the retail price of the phone is above £150, even more especially as it’s sim-free, I paid £74,95 (plus a £10 top up) which was half price from the Carphone Warehouse, so I reckon I got a decent bargain for a decent phone which I’m pleased with.

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