PS3 with Move or a PS3 with Move?

As I already have pretty much everything I want/need, I’m one of those that are difficult to buy for at Xmas unless given ideas of what I want. The main thing I’ve asked for of which I’ve never really wanted until now, and only because it’s a darn good Blu Ray player, a PlayStation 3 which should sit nicely under the TV and allow us to join in with the BR revolution.


Well, according to Argos, I have the choice of a PS3 with Move for £284.99 or a PS3 that comes with a free Move Starter Pack … for …… £279….99…. yeah, ok.

Why is one £5 more than the other? It’s basically the same deal, they’re both the 320GB console, they both come with the Move Starter Pack and yet they’re different prices. It’s pretty much a no-brainer as to which one to go for, the only thing is, they sometimes don’t honour these deals instore and say it’s a mistake on the website, so if you’re going to be taking advantage of this slightly silly error, just make sure you’re charged the same price as on the website, if not, just look/go elsewhere that may have a similar offer.