Windows Spaces to WordPress Fail

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Well, that was a waste of time wasn’t it?

I thought, ‘ooh, moving it to WordPress is a good idea’, then when I do it, nothing has been transferred and it’s all lost.

There wasn’t a lot to transfer, but the fact that it failed is a bit shit.

Pro-Tip: If you’re moving your Windows Live Space over to WordPress, PLEASE choose the option to download a copy of your Space in the event that, like it has done to me, fail and lose whatever was there.

[Edit] It seemed it just took some time for it to transfer, for what few posts had to be moved over…

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2 thoughts on “Windows Spaces to WordPress Fail”

  1. All seems fine after contacting support, not sure if it just took some time (even though ‘some’ time seemed to be hours) or something needed to be done for it to finalize the transistion, but it looks like the meagre contents of my old Spaces blog finally loaded.

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