Digg, Release A Finished Product Please

BrokenDiggSo, the ‘new’ Digg is now available to all, but do you think they should have taken a bit longer to finish off some tweaks?

I’ve already suffered from the above image of Digg breaking on me and I’m not even an avid user of it, the main reason for me visiting the site recently was to check on my existing account and even make a new separate one for Mental Gamers, now it seems the submit buttons aren’t working.

Well, not the buttons exactly, but the .js file appears to have disappeared from Digg and without that .js file, Digg buttons are basically useless, so if they’re going to provide new code for the submit buttons, couldn’t they have implemented that before going live with ‘New Digg’?

It’s kind of an inconvenience when everything used to run so smoothly, sort it out Digg.

Oh, and if you want to import a feed (on Digg – Settings > Import feeds), when you create a new post, post JUST the code. Nothing else, paste just the code and publish it, don’t include the code in an artcle your posting, the code needs to be the only content in the post. Otherwise it won’t recognize the code and the feed won’t be imported, apparently, posts should be auto-Digg’d when it appears in your feed.