Facebook Makes My Brain Hurt

I really have problems reading some peoples status messages, not because they’re poorly spelled, but because they’re so cryptic. I have to re-read them a few times over to understand what they’re trying to say or to try and make any sense out of the garbled crap they ‘type’.

Had a good laugh recently though, at this:


Let’s just point out the obvious;

  1. No, you are not Marshall Mathers or Slim Shady.
  2. Why is the ‘EMINEM’ (which took some time to make out due to the letters being crap) the wrong way round?
  3. Although you can’t see it in this pic, he has ‘D’ on his right arm and ’12’ on the left… why?

I couldn’t help but have a good laugh, but I just wish people would type in ‘universal English’ rather than the way they talk, it’s just retarded.