Free Xbox Live that will probably get you banned

Unless you already have a modded Xbox 360 that’s been banned or just don’t care if you get banned or not, then it seems someone who apparently knows someone that knows someone has posted a couple of codes which are supposed to give unlimited Xbox Live, and since you can rack up up to three years worth altogether, you could ‘redeem’ them three times.



I have doubts that they really work, if you want to try them out for yourself, feel free and if you get banned for doing so, I hold no responsibility as I’m just reposting after seeing this guy pretty much telling you to use them. I’m just interested in knowing whether they do work and if people would get banned for it… yeah, I’m pretty sadistic like that :p

{Edit}Due to the whining of the original poster of the codes of which he made public domain, I have put the codes as they originally were in co-ordinance with his Creative Commons license which does allow me to copy and distribute as I have attributed him by providing a link back to his original post. If he still wants to cry about my fair usage, then I suggest he takes a REALLY good look at his Creative Commons license and realise just how much of a child he’s been about it. Putting countless exclamation marks doesn’t make a comment any more valid. Once again, ‘dude’, welcome to the internet and enjoy your stay… oh, and look up ‘fair usage’ on Google.


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5 thoughts on “Free Xbox Live that will probably get you banned”

  1. dude you have copied these codes from my blog that’s illegal remove it or I’m going to file a DMCA against you!!!!!!!

  2. Illegal? Ok, so shall I report that you originally posted these codes to Xbox which, correct me if I’m wrong, you obtained from a friend that knows someone who works for Microsoft? I’m sure that Xbox would love to know how, why and who distributed these codes and why you freely posted them on the internet for people to use at will, you, your friend and his friend would be in a whole lot more trouble than me with your DMCA bullcrap.

    Do you own the rights to distribute those codes? Do you realise that you have a Creative Commons License on your blog of which I’m pretty certain I haven’t broken the rules of? If it worries you so much, then let me say that the above codes are under this Creative Commons license, but since you don’t ‘own’ those codes and I’ve used them fairly, I fail to see what DMCA you hold.

    Considering what ‘illegal’ information you carry on your blog about cracking the iPhone and it’s apps, you should be more worried about what implications that could bring. 🙂

      1. Then change your Creative Commons license and add a ‘No Copy’ banner or something, otherwise, I have done nothing wrong by using a ‘snippet’ of the blog post and even linking back to the article.

        ‘Dude’, welcome to the internet.

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