Hayley Williams Twitpics Boobs

So apparently, according to sources around the net, Paramore singer babe Hayley Williams posted a topless picture of herself onto TwitPic, then claimed she was ‘hacked’.

The main problem with that, is people downloaded the image and looked at the EXIF (obvious reason for downloading it…) to find that the pic had been taken just 8 minutes before it had been uploaded to TwitPic. The good thing about digital cameras these days is that they plonk a load of info into photographs that tell you when the picture was taken, even the shutter speed and exposure time.

There’s a distinct possibility that the EXIF data was edited, a lot of people wouldn’t really think about doing that, even ‘hackers’.

TheNewsChronicle says that she,

“accidentally sent that picture to herself”

While TheRegister say,

“A more cynical person might be tempted to believe the snap was intentionally leaked in an attempt to generate buzz for her and her band, Paramore.”

If the latter is true, the I totally endorse that kind of self-promotion and can only hope Shakira will practise such an exercise at some point…

Hayley Williams

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