It’s just not Jack’s year


It’s not a good year for Jack is it?

First we say goodbye to Jack Shepard as Lost reached it’s epic finale whilst still managing to confuse and raise more questions, now it’s the turn of high-octane action cop, Jack Bauer to say his final farewell when the long (and some say overdue) awaited finale of 24 which aired in the US on May 24th, will air in the UK on the 30th on Sky1.

I have to admit that I just couldn’t get into this series, I tried watching it, but to no avail. So, why am I posting about it ending? Regardless of me not being a fan, I’m aware of its popularity and am beginning to think programs with main characters called Jack are starting to die out.

Also, which other long running show do you think will be axed next?

House M.D. has been commissioned for a seventh season, Castle is quite new, but stars Nathan Fillion who seems to have a habit of starring in shows that get cancelled quite quickly (quickest has to be Drive, which I thought was rather good), yet seems to be growing quite a fanbase.

Is there anything running that could replace Lost and 24 or are we still waiting?

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