They’re all dead, Jack. The Lost Finale.

Well how about that then?!

LOST title

Turns out some of them were dead throughout the series, and here was me thinking it was a prelude to Flashforward.

So, how many of you called it from the start? That it was about ‘lost souls’?

I said early in season one that there was a ‘death/dead’ thing going on and again throughout other seasons, but did the writers just go with the dead storyline ending just to please the fans and/or take it from the mass amounts of sites, forums and other general discussion from around the internet?

LOST Church

Also, I’d just like to add, with the ending being all the souls meet in the church and stuff, doesn’t that make season five redundant? What was the point of all the flash forwards, were they a reality that was never going to happen? Still so many questions unanswered and new ones that will never be answered…

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  1. no, flash forwards were real, the sideways world was fake.
    but i kind of agree, like what was the point of david shepard? him and jack seemed so attached to each other, and then it turns out he’s not real?
    i like the ending, but there are some things i’m still struggling to comprehend…

    1. I agree that it was the sideways jump that was not real. Christian tells Jack that everything he experienced was real, ie the island. The sideways place was where all the LOST folk were waiting as each died their violent or natural death and when it was time for Jack to remember his death, Desmond came around to help everyone remember where they were and their purpose there. Think of Blom’s Five People You Meet in Heaven. The things you must face and remember before you move on. Everyone is there despite dying in different place and times because there is no time there.

    2. The reason for David was so Jack could get over his issues with his own father before he moved on. I know how you feel I think Jack and David’s relationship was an really nice part of the story.

  2. Nice to see everyone get to together at the church but there was a few key members missing such as those black people Walt and his dad… I mean ye lose endings much

  3. This get’s me upset….Remember the Family Guy episodes where Stewie kills his mother and becomes president, then when its over Brain looks at Stewie and say’s wouldn’t it be like calling everyone stupid and really upsetting them. Well this is like Disney telling all the fans of Lost, up yours…..We have all been misled and I think this is not something we should take….

    1. Except that EVERYTHING ON THE SHOW HAPPENED, EVERYTHING from season 1 to season 5. The ONLY part of it that wasn’t real was the alternate timeline in season 6.

      It is ENTIRELY incorrect to say that “they were dead all along.”

  4. Jacks dad tells him at the end that they all died in the plane crash, and that “this” was the place they all created so they could meet again etc. Why would a bunch of strangers (people on a plane) go through all of this to remember each other?

    1. They didn’t die in the plane crash the island part was real it was ONLY the flash sideways that were created for them to find eachother that’s why Jacks dad says ‘you’s are all dead some died before you some died MUCH after you’

  5. Lol @ Frank, that’s pretty much what I almost put in the main post, like, what was the point of the whole series just to find that none of it was real?!

    I forgot about the sideways jump, but it seems a pretty long and confusing way to display the journey of someone accepting their death. As someone asked on their blog, what was the significance of the lottery numbers and as others have asked, where were other characters like Walt…?

  6. How was Penny at the church? If they are all dead she was never really on the island/plane.

  7. I thought that too dave about penny. Did jacks dad actually tell him that they all died on the plane cos I don’t recall him saying that?!

  8. No one said they died on the plane. Christian made a point of saying everything on the island was real & the most important part of Jack’s life. I don’t know why Penny was there & I don’t know why Michael & Walt weren’t though.

    1. Christain said two main things to note:
      1) I’m real (i.e. Christain is real) and you’re real (Jack)
      2)Everything that happened to you was real
      At that point they were in a church having acknowledged they were dead, Thus at what point do you think the island stop being real and the church in the sideways was unreal. It wasn’t they were all real – that means to me they died in the original crash and in order for them all to let go the had went through the whole island experince and then on to the sideways world and finally the bright light when Christain opened the door.

  9. Regarding Penny being there: If it’s the most important part of your life then perhaps that was what hers was. I mean she did spend a good part trying to find Desomond on the Island.

    Regarding Walt/Michael: They were never THAT attached to the island. What I mean is Michael hated everything about it, and Walt led a really long life without it so perhaps again the island WASN’T their most signifcant moment in life. (Also maybe they just weren’t getting paid enough 😛 )

    Regarding what Jack’s dad told him: He DID NOT say they all died in a plane crash. All of that was real, Jacob, the black smoke, etc… the moment we saw was of a time and place we couldn’t comprehend. So everyone who is upset about the whole thing being a sham… well that doesn’t really make sense.

    A few random questions I do have… Why was Erin in the room and as a baby? Either he was there in spirit with Clair because that’s how she remembers him or his most significant moment in life as as a baby on the Island (doubtful) And also where is Desmond and Penny’s son? That was in the real world right?

    Anywho all in all I thought it was good. It made me cry in some places so that’s always a plus. I wouldn’t consider it a waste of television at all. It was what it was… entertainment.


    the point was that them meeting in the flashsidways world/afterlife, was where they went after they all died (where ever and whenever they died) – which was ie. boone died in the beechcraft crush aftermmath, shannon shot by ana lucia, charlie drowned in the looking glass, jack died from his wounds from the mib fight… all of that island events happened while they were alive.

    and the flashsideways is the afterlife, where they all met up and remembered each other through powerful memories and emotions.

    everything with the smoke monster/island/jacob/losties storyline and etc is all the REAL world. i.e sawyer, kate, claire, miles, richard and frank probably lived a decent life for however long off the island after escaping on the plane. desmond probably left with his boat and went back to olivia. hurley and ben protected the island for however long. and they all lived their normal lives afterwards however long that would be.

    when they died/ whenever that was in time, their afterlife that they went to first was this flashsideways world (all at the same, which was because in that world, there really is no concept of time since it is not a real world).

    1. Cristian said that: “Everybody dies Jack” not “Everybody is dead Jack” – I don’t belive the sideways are another life (after life)… I think its just a parallel reality as we always see in comic books.
      What do you think?

  11. Ok, so, sideways world = ‘the church being built’ kinda thing or am I getting it wrong?

    I know people are passionate about Lost, as much as I liked it, I didn’t get that sucked into it to try and comprehend its complexities and I’m too much of a realist to work on that many theories lol.

    I understand what you guys are saying and it makes sense… except the Dharma Initiative, what was that supposed to be about? Where do they fit into all of this?

  12. some ppl are saying that they died in the plane crash. They didnt. they were completley alive that whole time they were on the island….then once they died they went up to this parallel univerese thing. So sawyer kate miles etc. they all got off the isalnd and im sure they lived a long life and whatever and then died adn then went up to this afterlife thing where they were dead! but they didnt die on the island. just rewatch the episode and listen closely if you do not believe me 🙂

  13. Michael wasn’t there because he was trapped on the island as a “whisper”, unable to move on due to the guilt he felt for killing Anna Lucia & Libby. Walt wasn’t dead & that’s why he wasn’t there. Eko had already made peace after he was judged by the smoke monster & moved on.

  14. Here’s the deal. I believe that the following song by the Gorillaz ‘Fire Coming Out of a Monkey’s Head’ heavily influenced the writers of the TV series LOST. While I was a fan of LOST, the series is over and the memory of it does not occupy my thoughts. But this song triggered my memory of the series and this is how it all went down. The narrative appears to allude to the entire LOST TV series. After digging around the web, turning up dead-ends everywhere, and pining over the lyrics I believe it holds the true source, whether it be by accidental influence or on purpose, for some of the major plot Here’s a link to quotes and my explanation of the lyrics.

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