Engadget Twitter ‘Pedophile’ Faux Pas

Oops, being connected to multiple twitter accounts isn’t that confusing is it? Especially when one of the accounts is quite a high profile internet website that recently hosted a minute-by-minute rundown of the iPhone OS 4.0 conference event.


Uh… the fact that anyone would tweet that in the first place is kinda worrying, but once they realised that the tweet had gone through…


Once it has been seen, it cannot be unseen and anyway, Bieber… cute? I really don’t see his appeal and had to laugh at how Chelsea Handler pretty much shot him down on her show, Chelsea Lately when the cocky little shit was trying to pull some moves on her and epically failed, anyway…


Clearly, since it was posted via TweetDeck and not Twitterfeed which all ‘proper’ Engadget tweets are posted through, still, it begs the question of whether the editor in question is male or female and may God strike you down if you’re not the latter, and smack you in the head if you are.

To any Bieber fans that may come across this post, don’t bother defending the helmet-haired wannabe Romeo, you’re not gonna change my opinion of him 😀

If you’re wondering why the tweets look that way, they’re from Echofon via Firefox.