Free avatar T-Shirt

Nothing in particular to blog about for like, a few days, then a splurge of stuff enters my head/inbox/internet and then back to nothing…

Anyhoo, Major Nelson posted details of how to get a free Bing t-shirt for your avatar and it’s easier than the Metro 2033 mask method, in fact, it really is just a case of;avatar

  1. Having a Windows Live account
  2. Owning an Xbox 360
  3. Clicking a link

Major Nelson claims you need to be on the US version of Bing (country is in top right of page), but I managed to get the code on the UK version.

  • Click this link to go to the search and redeem your code.
  • Go to and sign in or turn on Xbox 360 console
  • On hover over Xbox Live, click Xbox Live Marketplace then on that page click Redeem Code in the ‘My Account’ dropdown menu, enter code in the boxes…
  • On the Xbox 360, go to press the big Guide button, slide to Marketplace, scroll down to Redeem Code, enter code…

The t-shirt should now be yours to wear on your avatar!


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