Get a free Metro 2033 mask for your avatar

Thanks to bsoltan for the linkage and burrows..1 for posting it on HotUKDeals.

It doesn’t matter if you own the game or not, it should work, it worked for me and apparently several other people, so here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go to (link takes you to Metro 2033 page)
  2. Click the link on that page to register game … or
  3. Login to your account and select register game
  4. Choose Xbox 360 from the drop down menu, then select Metro 2033
  5. When it asks for a retail code, just click the Submit button
  6. You should then get a code to redeem on your X360 and receive the avatar item

Not sure if this works for other countries than the UK, but if it does… there you go! 😀

{edit} Just entered the code at (I’m watching Flashforward, so can’t get on console yet..) and got;Met2033mask

“You have successfully redeemed a code for: Dark One Mask. It has been added to your download queue.”

Not bad for something that should cost 160 MS Points and you don’t even have to own the game!

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