Got Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but…

Now I just need a PS3... on TwitpicOk, so EA have sent me a promo copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in order for me to play and review, but the main problem is, I still don’t have a PlayStation 3 due to not wanting one.

Yeah, I know I should have one really if I’m a ‘proper’ gamer, but seriously, there aren’t that many games I want on the PS3. Nothing on the system appeals to me so much that I would go out and get one, it’s got nothing to do with any fanboyism or bias towards other systems, I think I counted maybe 3 games that I would consider and that’s only because they’re exclusive to PlayStation, the main one being Everybody’s Golf.

I’m in no rush to upgrade to Blu Ray yet either, DVD is still fine for me…

Author: MGAceman

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