Ninite, the single multi installer

Someone in IRC was asking about something that, “lets you select a whole load of installers (like[tweetmeme source=”MGaceman”] iTunes and Firefox) and then launches a  program that automatically downloads and installs them” and I couldn’t help but think that sounds like a bloody good idea, so I checked out the site called Ninite.

.NET 7-Zip Audacity CCleaner CDBurnerXP Chrome Essentials Firefox Flash Flash (IE) Foxit Reader GIMP iTunes Java Notepad++ OpenOffice Paint.NET Picasa Revo Steam Thunderbird uTorrent VLC

These are my recommendations of programs worth installing, click here to go to the Ninite page and download them.
There are also a bunch of messenger type programs which I didn’t include, but would recommend Digsby as a good all-round messenger.

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2 thoughts on “Ninite, the single multi installer”

  1. Ninite is great but it tends to do the auto install so as a result google toolbar, yahoo toolbar, aol toolbar, search engine/home page changes etc come as a result.

    It’s great though instead of hunting around for the downloads.

  2. Hmm, Ninite says, “”no” to browser toolbars and other junk.” and PC World say it doesn’t introduce, “additional crapware”, but I guess if it auto-runs the installers without giving you the option to uncheck toolbars/search addons, it may be a good idea to make a list, then download them separately.

    Such as CCleaner which I get the slim version of that doesn’t include the Yahoo toolbar.

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