New R4 themes… what? You heard me!

After literally 2 years, I’ve made 2 more themes for the R4DS. A comment mentioned a hentai sakura model, well after a quick Google search, I found an image that is usable. I don’t do porn, nude or anything considered 18+ (R for US people) rated, so if you’re looking for something more adult, you won’t find it here, all live models are wearing something, even if it is just a bikini.

Hentai Sakura You can find this Hentai Haruno Sakura theme on the Manga/Anime page.

Sakura ShiratoriA theme featuring Sakura Shiratori can be found on the Babe Skins page.

And there you go, I’ll try not to leave it another 2 years to make some more, just need to think of a subject to base them on.

Author: MGAceman

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