IRC quotes of win

I tend not to say a lot on IRC lately, in fact, as I’m typing this, I’ve been idle for 2 days 13 hrs 10 mins.

Most people know it as, others as, they’re basically the same site under different URL’s and for the first time in quite a while, I had a quick look on there to find something that some people have a habit of doing…

<TheCheat> I’m pissed off! I’m hungry, bored, my gf’s knocked up, and bitchy, i’m smoking my last cig, i’m out of wee, my d key doesn’t work all the time and my internet sucks cus i have to use a cell phone to get on line, that locks up when ever it feels like it!
<@carnt> TheCheat: Hi! It looks like you’re blogging on IRC. Would you like to: [Add Comments]  [e-Mail this to a Friend] [Digg This!] [Submit to Slashdot] [Add to] [Commit suicide because nobody cares]

IRC is for chatting/discussing/doing stupid shit/sharing funny stuff, nobody cares what your latest life predicament is, that’s what blogging, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are for. 😀

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  1. I also prefer the funny side of IRC. Newbies are always welcome 🙂

    [13:02] can someone help me
    [13:03] Im new to this irc
    [13:03] I just have a couple questions will only take a few min
    [13:03] * Parts: newguy

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