Why do I play Second Life?

Yeah, I said I wasn’t up on it a while ago and to be honest, I almost uninstalled it about a week ago until my gaming partner decided to check it out and got quite hooked on it, so now I’ve got back into it and besides the inability to get my avatar the way I want it, it’s starting to grow on me.

So, why do I play Second Life? This…

Ace & Shey sharing tender moments...
Ace & Shey sharing tender moments...

2 thoughts on “Why do I play Second Life?

  1. aceman Szkolnik (with lower case a in aceman) I couldn’t be bothered with making up a name and chose the surname with made me laugh most when trying to pronounce it.

    I’m usually on anytime between 6pm til up to midnight EST (I go by EST since my gaming partner is in that timezone) and later during weekends.

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