R4 Kernel 1.18 released

It’s a couple of days old, but I checked the R4DS site on the off-chance that there was an update and lo and behold, 1.18 was available.

Update R4 v1.18 kernel 2008-4-24
1) Solved 2203, 2219, 2240, 2250 problem

I’m guessing these are more savegame solutions for commercial games :/

Anyway, as usual, I’ve uploaded it to a nice fast host for you to download. Remember, just copy the files over to the root of the R4 (Micro SD card) and overwrite all, there are no themes in there, so those won’t be overwritten. If it doesn’t work, I really can’t help you as it’s simpler than Paris Hilton.


4 thoughts on “R4 Kernel 1.18 released

  1. hey there
    I’m hoping you can help,I recently bought my lil brother a chip,I went from R4 to a TTDS chip mainly because I was told this was better,faster , could hold 8Gb SD card, and avoided it stalling mid-gameplay.
    It took me a lil while to figure out what is probably basics to you guys but I have downloaded the 1.18 kernel (which seems to be the latest firmware?) and also the TTDS menu file (doesn’t seem to load the menu unless this is on the chip), however the games i have downloaded only come up on the play list if I change them from .rar to .nds files, but the games wont load, it seems to stall half way through loading. I am new to this so any help or point in the right direction is much appreciated

    1. The simple answer is that you need to extract the .nds file from the .rar with a program like 7-Zip or ZipGenius and then put the extracted file onto the card.

      Some emulators will read from .zip files, but the DS will only read uncompressed .nds files 🙂

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