Amazon fail

This isn’t an attempt at getting in on the ‘Fail’ thing, although, I do regularly visit The FAIL Blog (it’s in my blogroll over there –> ) to see what updates are there, this is more of a one-off personal type fail… which could be considered general.. I guess..

Anyway, I bought the wife Supernatural season 1 some time ago, so I thought I would order season 2 and pre-order season 3 as they seemed to be at a good price on at the moment and they’re known for raising and dropping prices on a daily basis.

Amazon Fail

I can understand them recommending season 1 since that’s not part of my order, but why recommend items that are literally in my order? There’s no need to recommend them as I’ve clearly just ordered them. I realised the delivery date is going to be when season 3 is released, but it doesn’t matter since they were going to be for her birthday which is in October.

Amazon seem to have plenty of fail going on on their site, such as when you view certain products like the Nokia N81 (8GB) Sim Free Mobile Phone – Black/Silver which recommends a Nokia N95 8GB Unlocked Mobile Phone – Black as a ‘perfect partner’. Why would you want to buy a mobile phone … with a mobile phone? Especially when one is obviously different/better than the other, you’re just going to get the one you want or need unless you have money to burn…