My Second Life Experience…

…is not really a pleasant one. What is with the way the avatars walk around? It’s like some kind of fast shuffle than a proper casual stride.

Relaxing in SL

Although I haven’t traveled around too much yet, there doesn’t seem a whole lot to do… I’m sure I saw someone say something about some kind of skilling, well if that’s possible, I’d like to know where you do that as there doesn’t appear to be any info about where you can do stuff unless you find it yourself.

Listening to Charmed Radio

From my little experience, I can’t see what the big deal is about Second Life. I’ll give it a chance for a while longer and see if it improves somewhat, if it doesn’t and just turns out as crap as I expected, I’ll just stick to of which I’m having a great time on.


3 thoughts on “My Second Life Experience…

  1. Hiya 🙂
    I’m an SLer, and you’re right….there’s not a lot of info about what to do while you’re inworld.
    Which is kind of a pain, but at the same time, its the whole point. SL isn’t about being directed to do something, by someone else. That idea brings it too close to a game; do this, jump here, kill the bad guy etc. Instead, its about doing what you want, no matter what that might be.
    However, that being said, it is frustrating for noobs, who have no idea where to start, and a lot of them do disappear from the grid, dropping out from sheer frustration, before they truly understand how it all works and what the possibilities are.

  2. That’s why I’ll give it a chance and have a good look around before making a final decision, its first impressions aren’t really that good and I know how it’s up to you to find out what to do, I just think some pointers as to where you can go meet people and do stuff would be more of a incentive.


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