I’ve gone… There

After testing Kaneva and There, There seems to offer me a better choice of things to do, so I’ve gone and paid the one time fee of $9.99 to become a premium member.

Although it has simple looking graphics, it has a lot more than just dancing to do. There’s always something going on somewhere whether it be some kind of skilling, teaching, racing or just hanging out. If you just want to stand around and chat, that’s fine as there are loads of people around, unlike Kaneva where you have to go and look for people.

Cool transport in There

I wanted to post a pic of some cool transport like this hovercar for 2 reasons…

  1. It’s a great way to get around and you can even fly over water with it.
  2. Philipino girls, in usually just their white newbie underwear will ask you if they can drive, then take you to a house to ‘make out’ with you, ask your age, possibly leave you stranded and move on to the next one.

It’s only happened to me twice, but already I can see what goes on. They log on around 2am BST (GMT +1), take off their newbie clothes to reveal their underwear and go around asking people if they want to visit a house, once there, you’re led to a bedroom where you both ‘sit’ (there isn’t a lie down option) and, well, kiss.

It’s kinda sad really, they don’t want to play the game properly and would rather choose to have what is probably the There equivalent of cyber sex, maybe they should stick to games that really allow you to have virtual sex and leave games like this alone.

Socializing in There

Of course, you have the typical morons who think they’re clever by trying to shoot you or run you down with cars and if you and they are a premium member, you can hear them talk or play music through their mic’s, if it happens too often, just ignore them and they can’t touch you. Every game has retards and obviously, There is no exception and has some annoying people, ignoring them is a good way to solve that and if they have any sense, will give up and just go away.

With that slight negativity aside, I enjoy playing it and hope to see more people from TSO/EA Land move over onto there, it has more of a community spirit than Kaneva and has at least 5x more things to do. Some people have mentioned Twinity, sorry, but I’m not that impressed with what I’ve seen of it, so I won’t be applying for that beta.

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  1. I’ve… considered it, once EA Land closes and I eventually uninstall Kaneva, then I’ll probably take a look, but I’ve never really been that bothered about SL.

    I know of some people that have moved onto there and say it’s ok, but nothing really tempts me to go on and spend a decent amount of time on it… maybe soon…

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