Kaneva, my thoughts

In a bid to find a new online social ‘game’ for when EA Land eventually gets the plug pulled, I thought I would try Kaneva which is one of the titles some people are also playing.

Basic room to start with

You get a room of which you can design yourself by uploading textures and moving things around, seems pretty pointless since your avatar doesn’t really need food or sleep, but one of the cool things is, you can stream media through the TV.

Empty outside

If you want to socialize with other people, don’t bother looking outside since it’s almost a ghost town. People are rarely ‘outside’ and prefer to get together ‘inside’, not a lot seems to happen outside and you can run around for ages trying to find someone, only to find they’re going somewhere like the mall or something.

Where to find people

This seems to be what Kaneva is all about, clubs and dancing. It’s just a progression of pressing the arrow keys in the correct order for you to accumulate points and get a title under your name… that’s it. There doesn’t appear to be any interaction between avatars, if you click on someone, you get nothing like ‘shake hands’ or what would be appropriate, ‘dance’.

It just seems so pointless, I don’t really understand the point behind it all except that it’s a 3D social network, a kind of MySpace 3D where you can chat and dance. It can take quite a lot of resources too, around 1GB of RAM and even sapped the 1GB of virtual memory I have (yeah I know, I need to set it at 1.5x my amount of RAM, but I didn’t), so once I’ve changed that, I’ll give it more of a chance, but I can’t see me getting into it that much…

You can see my Kaneva profile here.