EA Land connection problem fix

While playing last night, I was going to change to full screen mode (by changing my screen res to 1024*768), so said “brb” and quit.

Changed res and opened the game, only to find that when I clicked on my avatar, it would get to 100% and stop with the program ‘Not Responding’. Before looking on the net to find a solution, I tried rebooting and even repairing the installation (Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs .. EA Land – Change .. Repair) without any success, so with the n00b attempts out of the way, I looked online.

I found the solution and it’s as simple as this:

Find the folder Program Files\Electronic Arts\EA-Land\TSOClient\userdata and there should be 4 folders as indicated in the image

Rename these folders by adding a number or something eg: localavatarcache1 and then create new folders of the old name eg: characters, houses, etc. (or I guess you could just delete what’s in the original folders without having to rename them)

Load up the game and at the avatar selection screen, choose your main avatar that you play as (unless you only have one avatar…) and away you go.

Being on a Welcome Lot means a lot of questions get asked, I’ll be making an FAQ shortly…


  1. Felicity · April 18, 2008

    u said everything that happend to me, and i tryed to do the fix u said to do but i cant seem to find the folders!

  2. aceman · April 19, 2008

    Hmm, the folders should be there, if not then create them as the game won’t download/create them itself.

  3. felicity · April 20, 2008

    OK, found the folders. and i did what u said. and it worked. but, now i have another problem,i try to log on but when i try to enter a neighborhood my game just disappears. then i try again, and again, and again…

  4. aceman · April 21, 2008

    That’s a common bug that I or even the devs don’t have an answer to yet.

    Send an email to ealandteam@ea.com with full details of your avatars name, how you play the game (full screen or windowed) and which neighborhood you tried to zoom in on.

    I’m not sure if it affects every neighborhood, but I know of at least 2 that closes the game if you try to zoom in.

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