R4DS 1.17 Kernel

Due to me not blogging much lately, I missed the fact that the R4 Kernel has been updated to 1.17.

Update R4 v1.17 kernel 2008-3-18
1)Solved the brightness problem after soft-resetting
2)Solved 2107 the “Thanks” problem
3)Solved 2110 problem

Once again, more fixes for ‘commercial’ games instead of adding more functionality or something.

Anyway, click to download.

A brief instruction list for people that need mummy to wipe their bottoms.

  1. Once the zip file is downloaded onto your computer, use a program like Winzip, Winrar, 7-Zip (highly recommended) or even Winace (seriously NOT recommended though) to unzip the files. Winzip, Winrar and Winace are shareware programs which need to be paid for after the trial period, 7-Zip is free and heck, it’s a .zip file, you don’t need a separate program as even Windows can unzip it!
  2. Transfer the _DS_MENU.DAT and _DS_MSHL.NDS files and the _system_ and moonshl folders directly onto the Micro SD card via whichever card adapter you have.
  3. Put the Micro SD card into the R4 card, put the R4 card into the DS (the ‘top’ slot, SLOT-1 where only DS cards will fit) and turn on the DS.

If you can’t figure it out after that, put down the DS and find the nearest railway track and put your head on it. As patient as I have been in the past with people asking n00ber than n00b questions, I’m sorry to inform you that enough is enough and I really can’t understand why such a simple process is too simple for some people, so don’t expect me to answer any more dumb questions.

Watch this video I made to see the process in action, if you don’t get it after this, see the above suggestion.

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